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Unicorns, Rainbows and (Scottish) Glitter

Its been a while but its been all hands to the pump getting the website ready, things have been ticking along, we have been to your Horse Live, met lots of keen riders keen to come to the Scottish Borders for 2019. We have been talking to lots of top quality businesses who we are sure you and your horse will love. So back to today

The Unicorn, Scotlands national animal (really it is) is rare, as is stable weather at this time of year. There is a saying, if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes, that sums up today.

We set off from Cademuir carpark


and started up the hill, it was a bit windy but sunny, by the time we cleared the woods, bands of rain were blowing in, another few hundred meters up on the exposed hill a touch of hail, around the corner to the viewpoint, while windy the sun broke out and there were glorious rainbows framing Peebles.

Another regular weather event here are mists, which frequently catch in the trees and fill the glen, create a mysterious, secretive world at Cademuir. So much so that two downed German pilots, who took refuge here during World War II, were only discovered when smoke from their fire gave them away.

Cademuir is a quiet forest plantation, the smallest in the Tweed Valley often overlooked as it is tucked away at the back of Peebles. A forest packed with history and popular horse riding venue. It also connects up with the John Buchan way (a 13 mile trail that connects Peebles and Broughton, runs alongside the forest. The route celebrates the author of The Thirty-Nine Steps, who was also a politician and Governor-General of Canada.)



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