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Fanns Route

About This Route



  1. From Bowhill, ride past the adventure playground and turn left before the wrought iron gates. Follow the road and continue past both loch. Turn right to join the estate road leading uphill.
  2. Fork left and continue along past the kennels at Shieldshaugh, follow the route to Fauldshope steading. Turn right follow the track through two fields.
  3. Go through the gate down the track past the cottages and turn right up through the wood across the field to a gate. Turn left onto the road to Ettrickbridge
  4. At the church turn left over the bridge. You are on the road and there are bends, traffic may be fast.
  5. Turn right onto a track where there are double gates (these can be tricky you will need to dismount) Once in the field follow the track up the hill, where the track divides take the lower track and follow through 3 gates.
  6. When you come to the old cottage circle it to the left heading for a gate in the wall keeping the dyke on your left, continue through it and head up the hill and follow the track across the moor.
  7. Turn left at the marker post on the top of the moor. Continue uphill to the next stone wall, go through the gate and turn left (2 1/2km) Follow the track heading to a group of Scots Pines and down towards the ruins of the old Fanns farm, follow the track around the Fanns and turn left over the ford.
  8. Ride parallel to the forestry plantations on the right heading for the wire fence, through the gate continuing left uphill, right diagonally do not go through the gate but follow the fence line around the field edge onto the track.
  9. Follow the track to the right and to Outer Huntly and continue past and out to the public road.
  10. Turn left until you come to Hartwoodmyres Forest. Go through the horse gate and follow the track to the fork then head left going down the hill , just as it rises up again turn right. At this point the track is signed to the right for walkers (Borders Abbey Way) but horses will need to go into the field and follow the markers along the fence line. Exit the field and ride up to the farm through the yard and turn left.
  11. Follow the road until it turns right, you are going straight on down the farm track
  12. At the end of the track turn left onto the B7009 then right through the yard at Oakwood mill and picking up the track at the back of the yard. Follow the track to the river where you ford across to Gillkeeket. Look for the red markers on the opposite bank and head for those.


Avoiding the Ford – At the end of the track turn left onto the B7009 and continue towards Ettrick bridge, turn right over the bridge arrow marker and sign for Bowhill. Turn right for Gillkeeket to re-join the route


  1. Once over the river follow the track back to the road and head straight over and up through the trees turning right at the top and follow the track back to Bowhill.




  • Distance

    14.5 miles

  • Level


  • Level Details

    A waymarked route around Buccleuch lands. From hill to forest with some lovely views. Parking -There is limited parking on the Newark road, parking can be arranged at Middlestead Farm by prior arrangement. Absolutely no parking in front of the estate stables. May to October is the best time when lambing is over and shooting not started. Ford can be high in the rainy season but there is a diversion. In season there is a tearoom at Bowhill House

  • Towns

    Bowhill, Selkirk, Ettrickbridge

  • Altitude Gain


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