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Rome to Tibet (Part II of the R&R route)

Started the journey from Meadshaw Farm B&B and saddled up my steed for the day which had two wheels rather than 4 legs. Daniele and her husband Bill were my guides for the day

They took me on the trails through the forest from their house in the peaceful Meadshaw forest into the vast Craik forest where we joined up (literally up!) with the South of Scotland Countryside trail – Roman and Reivers route. This is the part of the trail which I had to abandon a few weeks ago due to ill health of myself and the #1 trail assistant.

So climb climb climb and we reached the site of the Roman signal station. A quick refuel and catch our breath and it was downhill to Dumfries and Galloway, we stopped briefly just around the corner where the enormity of the forest became clear when trees stretched as far as the eye could see.

If you like forest trails then this is the place for you. We encountered a few issues with self-seeding Sitka trees on the route so something to report to Forestry Commission to get it cleared for path users.

We carried on down the trail into Eskdalemuir to the edge of the forest where just a short ride up the road and the Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery comes into view. The Tibetian monastery was founded in 1967,  named after Samye, the very first monastery to be established in Tibet.

Tea and cake were in order at the monastery cafe, then we took the easy option, Daniele & Bill had brought the horse trailer round the night before so my legs (and bum were saved!) A great day and beautiful route.

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