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Roman and Reivers Part I

The Romans and Reivers route follows old Roman roads, forest tracks, drove roads and short sections of quiet lane through the heart of notorious Reivers country,  this route has been developed with multi-use in mind, including self-closing gates etc. It’s a great route if you have family or friends who wish to accompany you – or do their own thing – on mountain bikes.

I was only surveying one part of it today, specifically with our accommodation providers in mind. So I started in Ashkirk at Auld Skuil and headed for Ashkirk Hill via the Hawick riding route (also the Border Abbey Way), after a few miles the Border Abbey Way continues straight on but my path took me West toward Moss Moor and the Old Drove Road.

Scenic moorland back to a farm track and a quiet country lane heading back towards Hawick and another Planning 2 Succeed provider, Sheila at Wiltonburn.


Carried on up past Wiltonburn and onto the hill towards Roberton, you drop back onto the road for a short section where you pick up the trail that heads to Craik and Meadshaw.

A pleasant 10 miles of mixed surfaces and great views, there are many variations on this route, you can join into the Buccleuch rides or indeed continue round the Hawick riding route.

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