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Lessons learnt


So today was about Craik towards Eskdalemuir. I parked at Craik forest car park just past Daniele’s Meadshaw Farm and Curlew Cottage on the Roman and Reivers Route

The day didn’t start so well with a heavy cold,  after a slightly later start than planned we headed up to Craik moor. As I wheezed my way up the hill to a beautiful view, I was just on the verge of deciding whether to continue when the decision was made for me by the dog paw v flint forest track


So herein is the lesson; don’t pack at the last minute, if your feeling slightly under the weather don’t push your limits and got some dog boots!

I had in my pack: wet weather gear, maps, compass, survival bag, food and drink and a spare warm top but no first aid kit (which I later found back in my van) Moss makes a pretty good temporary bandage and we managed to limp back to the start and get all bandaged up.

The bit I did manage to do is a straightforward trail through the forest, well marked and a hardcore path, the view was quite something too..

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