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Ride Scotlands Horse Country another initiative supported by the Southern Uplands Partnership

The Southern Uplands Partnership The Southern Uplands Partnership was started by local people keen to keep the communities and countryside of the south of Scotland alive and healthy. The Partnership represents all sorts of people, as well as government bodies, agencies and councils. Anyone who is committed to the future of the south of Scotland is invited to join. The Southern Uplands The Southern Uplands of Scotland stretch from the Irish Sea and Ayrshire coast in the west right across to the Berwickshire coast and the North Sea in the east, and from the well developed central belt of Scotland to the lonely border with England. Much of it is wild country of hill, forest, farm and moor. It is rich in wildlife and the colourful history of the land is easy to see in the ancient abbeys and castles. Much tradition persists amongst its proud communities. Too many people pass through this land seeking Scotland further North. But Scotland starts here.